Conquer the Cold 2020!

The Conquer the Cold Challenge happens January 1, 2020- January 31, 2020. To be eligible to participate, you must work for a company in the Greater Ann Arbor Area. During the Challenge, log your commutes, earn badges, and win prizes.

During the month of December, you can register and practice logging commutes to be ready for the big challenge.

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Sounds interesting, how do I take part?

With your Dashboard, you can log your alternative commutes, view your progress and compare your stats with others.

To participate in the Commuter Challenge:

  • Participated in a past challenge? Log in and reset your password to participate in the challenge.
  • New to this site? Register here to create your account and get ready to start logging commutes!
  • Logging trips will earn you badges as you reach certain milestones. (note: badges only awarded during January)
  • As you acquire badges, you'll be eligible for prizes! (note: prizes only awarded during January)

OK I'm signed do I get started?

Once the challenge starts and you're logged in, you'll see the challenge site is split into three different areas:

  • Dashboard
  • Leader board
  • Social


The Dashboard is your mission control for your challenge. From here you can see a summary of your current stats at the top of the screen and also keep an eye on what's going on across the challenge in the activity feed. You can log trips, check on your progress and compare your stats to other commuters.


The Leaderboard is the best place to check on the competition and see what you are up against. Here you can see who has the most points and the current standings.

Percentages are based on the number of employees who have logged 1 or more commutes for this campaign, divided by the number of people the organization reported as working at the location.

The Organization Leaderboard standings are determined by:

  • Participation
  • Avg trips
  • Distance

The User Leaderboard standings are determined by:

  • Points
  • Trips
  • Distance


Got something to share? Then the Social section is the perfect place to shout about it. It could be that you're proud of your commitment to sustainable travel, that you want to share the efforts of your workplace or that you have a funny commuting story to share in our blog. The Social section is the place to offer encouraging words to others or even start some competitive chat by adding a comment to someone else's blog post - play nicely please!

How do I log my frequent Trips?

If you have the same commute on most days, you can create a frequent trip in the “log trips” section. Try it and see!

Please note - due to programming issues, we will not be able to offer the Strava integration for this Challenge. We are working with our developer to get this fixed for our next Challenge. We apologize for the inconvenience. We really liked having that option to make logging commutes easier.

What badges can I win? I love badges!

Earn the following badges as you participate in the Conquer the Cold Challenge:

  • Cold Scout = Earn the coveted Sweetwater's FREE coffee or tea coupon when you log your first trip.
  • Snowflake = Earn when you log 10 trips.
  • Winter Dominator = Earn when you log 20 trips and receive a coupon for a FREE Zingermans Chicken Latte (chicken broth cup).
  • Abominable Snowman = Earn when you log 40 trips and become eligible to win the Grand Prize.

Note: You can also earn badges with points:

  • 1 trip = 1 point
  • 1 referral = 2 points

Note: Coupons emailed weekly via Mailchimp

Referrals earn you more points?

We want people to tell their friends and colleagues about the challenge. We're giving away bonus points for each person you refer to the challenge. All you need to do is give your friends or co-workers the email address you used to sign up to the challenge, and they can enter it when they sign up. You'll then automatically get some bonus points! The more you refer, the more points you get.

Note: Before you get bonus points, the person you have referred needs to log at least one trip.

Event Schedule for the Challenge

January 1st - January 5th: Burn Off Your Holiday Feast Week

  • Feast a little too hard over the holidays? Use your commute to help burn it off! Those who log a trip in a mode that burns calories will be entered to work this week's prizes.
  • Walking, biking, skiing, skating, or any mode showing burned calories in the dashboard will be eligible for the weekly prizes.
  • Winners selected and announced no earlier than January 6th

January 6th - January 12th: Winter Commuting Haiku Week

All Week: Weekly Challenge: #WinterHaiku

  • Send us a Haiku about your non-drive alone commute, photos encouraged. That includes anything eligible in the challenge!
  • Post your Haiku to social media using our hashtags or email it to us at
  • Include: #WinterHaiku & #OWNWINTER
  • All submissions will be eligible to win the week's prizes.
  • Winners selected and announced no earlier than January 13th

January 13th - January 19th: Conquer the Cold Poster Week

All Week: Weekly Challenges: #IFoundAYeti

  • Snap a photo of yourself, with or without others, with one of the Yeti posters located on TheRide buses or with select businesses in downtown Ann Arbor..
  • Post your photo of with the Yeti to our social media or email it to us at and be entered to win some amazing gift cards.
  • Use the hashtags #IFoundAYeti and #OWNWINTER when posting to social media.
  • All submissions will be eligible to win this week's prizes.
  • Winners selected and announced no earlier than January 20th

January 20th - January 26th: Winter Wonderland Week sponsored by Cahoots

  • Snap a photo of yourself on your commute into work, or showing the interesting items on your way to work that you can only take the time to see because YOU ARE NOT DRIVING!
  • Post your photo of your alternative commute to our social media or email it to us at Include: #OWNWINTER so that we see your post.
  • Submissions will be eligible to win this week's prizes.
  • Winners selected and announced no earlier than January 27th

January 27th - January 31st: I Solved My Winter Commuting Problems Week:

  • Tell us your best story on how you solved your winter commuting issues, whether by changing your mode, finding better gear, mixing up when you are going to or leaving work, or by doing something completely unexpected. Pictures appreciated!
  • You can email us your story at, or post to social media. Include: #OWNWINTER if you want us to be able to find your post!
  • Log an alternative commute this week and be entered to win fun gift cards!
  • Winners selected and announced no earlier than February 3rd

Friday, January 31st: Last Day of the Challenge

  • Finish off the Challenge strong by getting in that last commute without driving yourself!

February 3rd - February 7th: Wrapping up the Challenge

Monday, February 3rd


February 4th - February 7th

  • Referral grand prizes randomly drawn
  • Captain grand prizes randomly drawn
  • Overall individuals randomly drawn

Conquer the Cold photo and Haiku submission rules

To be eligible for prize drawings, you need to be registered for the Conquer the Cold Challenge and do the following:

  • Submit photos on our social media. Be sure to make your photos public, tag @getdowntown, include #OWNWINTER and that week's hashtag (if applicable).
  • Staff will be monitoring the following social media platforms:
    	* Facebook - @getdowntown
    	* Twitter - @getdowntown
    	* Instagram - @getdowntown
  • If you submit your photos on social media, you'll need to email us at Please include your name and the organization you are with.
  • You can also email us your photos to and we'll post it to social media for you. Be sure to include your name and the organization you are with.

I have questions

No problem - email us at

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